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The AHS range of roller shutter doors consists of a curtain of interlocking slats (which form a continuous hinge along their entire length) resulting in an extremely solid physical barrier produced by our roller shutter doors. To match your needs and pocket more, our high quality roller shutter doors are available in both steel and aluminium.
Features and Applications
Key Features Include:

  • User-friendly operation (due to a built-in counter balancing mechanism)
  • Choice of either motorised or manual operation
  • Choice of perforated, window or solid interlocking slats
Popular Applications Include:

  • Patios or verandas
  • Passages and staircases
  • Driveway gates

Specialised Application Roller Shutters

Our specialised roller shutters are ideal for use against extreme weather conditions, as well as a secure barrier where extra security is needed.

All specialised roller shutters are tailored to the client’s needs, whether it be 2 hour fire resistant shutters for fuel depots, high wind resistant roller shutters for a coastal business, or a double wall aluminium roller shutter that is petrol bomb resistant and gas leak proof for a bank. 

Punched Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our Aluvista and Alupunch roller shutters are ideal for up market shop front applications and are available with chain, crank and motorised options to suit the client’s particular requirements.

These punched aluminium shutters offer good protection while still retaining the advantages of visible shop displays.

Other key benefits of aluminium shutter doors
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Strong
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Temperature and lighting control
Curtains can be mill finished, anodized or powder-coated. With automation they can offer a full remote, timed security solution for the home.

Some of our popular roller shutter doors:

37mm double walled extruded slat

Ribbed slat available with or without ventilation slots. Suitable for openings up to 3000w x 2600h

55mm double walled extruded slat

Ribbed slat available with or without ventilation slots. Suitable for openings up to 4000w x 3000h

77mm single wall extruded slat

Smooth slat available with or without punch outs. Suitable for openings up to 5700w x 4000h

Solid Slatted Roller Shutters

The use of galvanised steel slats allow these roller shutters to offer a strong security barrier to shop fronts, warehouses and commercial garages, while still keeping an aesthetic appeal.

These versatile roller shutters can be operated in a variety of ways, ranging from a manual crank to push up and electrical options, allowing the client to customise the shutter to their needs.

Call us if you’re serious about your business’ security requirements. In fact, we should be the first folks you call when thinking about roll up garage doors, industrial roller shutter doors and all retractable security gates.
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